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3 Ideas To Create Extra Rooms In Your Current Property In Harrogate.

When you first viewed your new home and were considering putting in a bid for it, you wrongly assumed, that this would be the right sized house for you and your future family later. Circumstances change and the number of kids that you planned on has doubled and now you are running out of space to put everyone. You could move, I suppose, but you picked this area because you love it and the kids do too. The other alternative is to create new space in your current home and your local building firm can help with that.

There are a few experienced businesses that offer home building and renovating in Harrogate and they can turn spaces that you currently have into extra bedrooms. Here are a few things that you might consider.

  1. The space at the top of your house is not being utilised and this attic space could be so much more. It could be converted into a new bedroom and with a skylight, it would be transformed.
  1. The garage that you never put your car into and is now used as a makeshift laundry could be converted into a granny flat by your builder in a short time. The kids will be fighting over who gets this.
  1. You can always build an extension onto your existing home and with planning permission, your builder could get started immediately.

There are options there, you just need to talk with an experienced builder who can tell you what is possible and what is not. Have a chat with him today.

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