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No home is complete without a sofa, be it classic, traditional or modern. People are stuck when they go shopping. The craziness of designs, the color palette, and the size should be considered the most. There is such a wide variety available that it becomes difficult to decide because buying a sofa is a one-time deal.  To make the shopping more accessible, we have compiled a leather chesterfield sofa buying guide, because these types of sofas are the best ones around and in trend. So let us have a look.

What is the difference between traditional and modern?

Traditional means the arts and craft designs that come down from one generation to another. Usually, the plans are the same, but durability is tested and improved. On the other hand, modern refers to the most popular styles keeping in mind the latest elements and living conditions.

Leather chesterfield sofa buying guide:

Let us look at some traditional leather chesterfield sofa. Many people want to remain unique and classic, and they only go for traditional sofas, so the leather chesterfield traditional sofas are best for them.

  1. Chesterfield sofas:

These leather chesterfield sofas come in two or three cushion seats. They are available in dark brown color with traditional buttons adorned everywhere, especially the backrest, arms, and near the footrest.

  1. Grand chesterfield sofas:

These sofas are for two people, hence have two cushions for seating. Adorned with fixated buttons in geometrical design at the back is an eye-catcher. The armrest is folded outwards for better rest.

  1. Cambridge:

These classic sofas come in four different vintage colors: chestnut, slate, oxblood, and rosewood. These sofas have wooden feet with antique designs.

  1. regent:

 All sofas have curved back with sweeping arms. It is available in red, blue, gold, brown and green leather.

  1. senator:

These sofas also have carved backs with three-layer pillow arms. This popular style has a hand button back and is available in five colors.

  1. lincoln:

This signature design is the most popular of all. The Milton leather comes with exaggerated arms and plush seat cushions, which you cannot ignore. This leather chesterfield sofa comes in nine traditional colors: rosewood, chestnut, slate, sand, lark, stone, oxblood, mushroom, and fog.

  1. monk:

This sofa has wooden legs with an extended backrest with traditional button style. The curved arms add a charm to it.

  1. Belgravia:

This sofa is the most elegant of all leather chesterfield sofas. It comes in gold, white color and has round wooden discs like legs. Upholstered with deep studded buttons and traditional silk ribbon embedded in the armrest and near the foot portion is undoubtedly a good catch.

  1. Monty:

This style has a low backrest and rolled armrest. It comes in a grey color with a hand studded button.

  1. Knightsbridge chaise sofa:

This low back is perfect for settling in any corner of the room. You can stretch with the extra seat provided,

Modern leather chesterfield sofa:

There is something exquisite about the luxurious yet modern sleek sofa designs. And if they are leather chesterfield sofas, then you cannot resist buying them. Given are some modern designs which will surely grab your attention.

  1. tuxedo:

Who doesn’t love to wear a tuxedo? And what if you can have a tuxedo for seating? Now you can have this modern chesterfield sofa with mainstay tufting and deep studded buttons. It comes with high metal feet.

  1. Christopher loveseat sofa:

This classic curved shape is well suited for small spaces. It comes in many colors.

  1. Lyric velvet:

It is an updated style of the classic leather chesterfield sofa, mixed with velvet for a modern look. It is available in royal blue, plush pink, platinum grey, and emerald green. It also has high wooden feet.

  1. tufted:

This sofa has wide seat cushions for big family movie time. Furthermore, you can take a nap. It has studded buttons at the back and the armrest.

  1. The sleeper sofa:

Many people are fond of taking a nap on the sofa. For this, the gel-infused foam mattress serves the best. You can extend it anywhere or keep it as a sofa in the daytime.

  1. Corvus Prato loveseat:

It is perfect for small spaces and rooms such as studio apartments and condos. This sofa comes with sweeping stuffed arms for more fantastic rest.

  1. Corbyn rolled arm sofa:

This sofa is like one camelback hump., the curved back design is updated and has many bold hues. It has wooden feet like traditional sofas.

  1. lyre:

It has a two-seat cushion and a wide seating area for the best comfort. Throw some pillows and snuggle under the blanket for a late-night tv show.


No matter what place you own, small or big, it can be styled in utter elegance if you adorn it with a leather chesterfield sofa. You can select the traditional design for a timeless classic look or opt the modern furniture for the style which goes with the contemporary, sleek look. Take this guide on a shopping spree and buy the best deal.

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