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Indoor Plants: The Secret to a Happier, Healthier Home

If you’re looking for a way to improve your home’s air quality, boost your mood, and add a touch of nature to your indoor space, then you need to consider adding some plants! Houseplants do more than just look pretty; they can actually purify the air, increase humidity, and help regulate temperature. Not sure where to start? Check out our list of the plants that grow well indoors {plantes qui poussent bien à l’intérieur} for beginners.

The Best Indoor Plants for Beginners

If you’re new to plant parenthood, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the options. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. These are some of the best indoor plants for beginners:

1) Aloe vera: Aloe vera is a succulent that is easy to care for and thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. In addition to being a beautiful houseplant, aloe vera can also be used to soothe burns and cuts.

2) Pothos: Pothos is a fast-growing vine that does well in low-light conditions. This plant is particularly hardy, so it’s perfect for those who are just starting out with indoor plants.

3) Snake plant: Snake plants are another type of succulent that does well in low light and is relatively easy to care for. These plants are also known for being very tolerant of neglect, which makes them ideal for busy people or anyone who is new to plant parenthood.

4) Fiddle-leaf fig: Fiddle-leaf figs are large tropical plants that prefer bright, indirect sunlight. These plants can be a bit more challenging to care for than some of the other options on this list, but they are well worth the effort!

5) Philodendron: Philodendrons are fast-growing vines that do well in both low- and bright-light conditions. These plants are very easy to care for and make a great choice for beginner plant parents.

6) Spider plant: Spider plants are known for their long, thin leaves and their ability to purify the air. These hardy plants do well in bright or low light and are easy to care for.

7) Chinese evergreen: Chinese evergreens are low-maintenance plants that do well in low light and can handle some neglect. The leaves of these plants also have a beautiful variegated pattern.


Adding some green to your home has never been easier—or more rewarding! These beginner-friendly houseplants will purify your air, boost your mood, and inject some life into your space. So what are you waiting for? Choose one (or several!) of these plants and get started on your journey to becoming a plant parent today!

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