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What Tools & Equipment Does an Arborist Need?

An arborist, or tree surgeon, would use a wide range of tools and equipment with his work, which often involves working at height, and, of course, safety is always a main priority. If you have often wondered how these skilled tradesmen carry out their work, here is a list of the essential tools and other items a tree surgeon would use in his work.

  • Chainsaws – The tree surgeon would have quite a few chainsaws, ranging from a small unit that is used when up the tree, to a very large one for felling mature trees. They would also have a range of sharpening files to keep their chainsaws sharp and ready for work.

  • Ropes & Safety Harnesses – Ropes of varying lengths and thicknesses are needed to safely remove heavy sections of trees, plus safety harnesses are always worn when working at height.

  • Protective Clothing and Equipment – The tree surgeon (and his team) would wear a protective hard hat, with a visor and earmuffs to protect against the loud noise from chainsaws. He would also wear heavy clothing that offers a high level of protection and steel toe-capped boots.

  • Hand Tools – Certain hand tools are needed when landscaping trees in Cheltenham, such as handsaws, spades and shovels for planting, and some clippers of varying sizes for pruning. Rakes are also required for levelling the ground after removing a large tree or stump, plus heavy brooms for sweeping grassed areas and pathways.

  • Stump Grinder – This machine actually removes tree stumps by grinding them down to sawdust, and while they are expensive, the arborist would have at least one for removing tree stumps.

If you are in need of an arborist, an online search will help you locate a nearby expert, who would be happy to help.





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