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Why Are Ein Shemer Apple Trees Delicious Solutions for Deer Control?

As many homeowners know, deer can cause major damage to lawns, gardens, and landscaping. While there are a variety of methods for controlling deer populations, one of the most effective solutions is planting Ein Shemer apple trees.

Not only do these trees act as an effective deer deterrent, but they also provide delicious apples that can be enjoyed by people and animals alike. Let’s take a closer look at why Ein Shemer apple trees for deer control is the ideal way.

Nutritious Fruits and Flowers

One of the main benefits of Ein Shemer apple trees is that they produce nutritious fruits and flowers that attract a variety of wildlife – including deer.

While some species of deer may nibble on the leaves or bark of the tree, they are far more likely to go after the apples and flowers growing on it.

This helps to keep them away from your other plants and shrubs because they have an attractive alternative available nearby.

Winter Protection

Ein Shemer apple trees also provide protection during winter months when food is scarce. During cold weather, these trees can provide much-needed sustenance for both people and animals alike.

The apples produced by these trees are both sweet and tart – perfect for making pies, jams, jellies, cider, or simply enjoying fresh off the branch.

In addition to their nutritional value, Ein Shemer apples have been known to have medicinal properties as well – helping to treat ailments such as fever and indigestion in humans and animals alike.

Deer Resistance

Ein Shemer apple trees are also resistant to deer browsing due to their thick bark, which prevents them from being damaged easily by deer antlers or teeth. This means that even if you find yourself with an abundance of hungry deer in your area during the colder months, your Ein Shemer apple tree will remain unscathed because its thick bark will protect it from any potential damage caused by browsing animals.


In conclusion, plantings Ein Shemer apple trees is an excellent solution for controlling your local deer population while still providing tasty fruits and flowers for everyone to enjoy.

Not only do these trees provide nutrition during winter months when food is more scarce, but their thick bark also makes them resistant to any potential damage caused by browsing animals such as deer.

Planting Ein Shemer apple trees is a win-win situation; you get beautiful foliage along with delicious fruit while keeping pesky deer away from your property!

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