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Why Timber is Still the Preferred Material for Home Improvements

Despite the emergence of many composite materials, if you were to ask a UK homeowner the material they prefer when carrying out improvements, the majority would agree that timber is the best choice. Whether you are looking to replace your staircase or have some fitted wardrobes installed, talk to your local carpenters in Bristol, who would be able to create almost anything using top grade wood.

The Amazing Properties of Timber

Of course, there are many species of timber, which allows you to choose one that is best suited for your requirements, and here are just a few of the properties that timber offers the homeowner when thinking about making improvements:

  1. Timeless Elegance – Nothing can beat a solid hardwood floor, or real oak kitchen cabinet doors, and with the right staining and protection, wood lasts for many years, inside or out.

  1. Easy to Work With – There isn’t much that a qualified carpenter can’t do with timber, which means you can achieve any kind of finish. A skilled carpenter can work with any concept to provide you with long-lasting furniture or fittings that fit perfectly into your home.

  1. Durability – Seasoned timber lasts for decades, and fitted furniture made from high quality timber will most certainly stand the test of time. A flat-pack wardrobe might be a little cheaper that having one made, but it will likely need replacing after a few years, whereas a bespoke timber unit is there for the duration.

There are lots of faux timber composites around, yet the real thing is a much better option, and by talking to a local carpenter about your needs, you might be surprised at how affordable timber furniture is.

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