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Window installation, one of the most useful handyman services!

If one or more windows in your home need to be replaced, either because they’re cracked or no longer insulate well, you’ll have to opt for specialized services since this is not a task you could DIY easily. Considering that a poorly installed window could lead to low temperatures in the house and even potential problems with the structural resistance, you have to turn to experts in handyman services. This is exactly what we’ve done for this article, therefore we can present to you the steps of window installation, followed by a professional company.

We are talking about Home & Business Services – HBSOnTime.com, a family-owned business operating since 2013 in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA. They offer professional cleaning services (residential, commercial, air ducts, windows, carpets), home maintenance, turnkey services, and handyman services. The latter includes, among others, carpentry, ceiling repair, drywall repair and installation, deck repair, fence fixing, door installation, floor installation and repair, insulation installation, and window installation. Without further ado, here are the steps of this last process:

  1. Walkthrough. First, you will meet the highly-trained experts in handyman services from Home & Business Services at your door and, as you show them your home, they will guide you through the whole window installation process; 
  1. Preparing the area. Next, the handyman services professionals will lay down drop cloths under the working area, to protect the floor from debris and dirt; 

  1. Cleaning the opening. The next step involves removing the old windows. The Home & Business Services employees will check for any potential damage or repair needed; 
  1. Insulating and sealing the frame. During the actual installation, the Virginia-based handymen will take care that the windows are perfectly fit and they perform properly. Then, they will tightly seal the area around the window and replace the trim too; 
  1. Cleaning up. Next, the employees will haul away and dispose of the old window, then clean up the work areas, both inside and outside, making sure there’s no dirt or debris left in your house; 
  1. Checking the work. Before leaving, the experts in handyman services will again walk through your house, checking the new windows and explaining to you how they work, how to clean them, as well as answer any questions you might have. 

Home & Business Services – reliability at a low price 

If you trust Home & Business Services with window installation, you will benefit from their quality work, 100% professional ethics, low prices, free quotes, as well as swiftness, as they will most certainly finish the whole process in one day. “We are reliable, trustworthy, we pay attention to details, and care about your needs and budget. Last but not least, we are always on time – you can count on us!”, they state, on their official website. And, according to their almost only positive reviews, you can really count on them and their word. Their clients appreciate the politeness of the employees, as well as their seriousness in terms of work.

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