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5 Benefits of Above Ground Tornado Shelters

Having a storm shelter pre-constructed is the best safety measure individuals could take to keep themselves and their family members safe. Such safe houses can be divided into two categories – below ground and above ground storm shelter.

Most individuals get stuck with choosing between these two. This post will help readers decipher the difference and to fetch an understanding of storm shelters of both categories.

Safety in terms of flooding

Tornadoes aren’t only disastrous wind flow, but it often comes along with heavy rainfall. Such high levels of rain might flood away below-ground shelters, especially in areas prone to get submerged. During such disastrous situations, storm shelter is the only hope for the safety of the family members, and when it’s above the ground, it protects all from the risks of getting flooded.

Easy for others to locate in disastrous strikes

In the case of below-ground storm shelters, there’s always a probability of people inside getting buried under rubble and debris after a massive tornado or similar natural calamities. Though it’s not obvious that one will get trapped, several cases come up every year who undergo such situations.

Additionally, it might take several hours to get help from people nearby, as they will have to dig through the rubbles to reach and evacuate the people stuck inside. On the other hand, an above ground storm shelter is safe from such happenings and is easily visible to people coming for rescue.

Easy entrance

There can be kids, senior citizens, or people with mobility issues as family members. Being a homeowner or the head of a family, one needs to think about the security of all. Below-ground shelters might require people to pass through steep steps or getting down narrow. As an emergency creates panic and rush, the risk of falling down can be odds-on.

With a safe house above ground, such risks are not present, and with the addition of a small ramp, almost anyone can enter the shelter. In addition, there’s a decent space for everyone to accommodate inside with comfort.

Installation with ease

Unlike below-ground shelters that require large holes in the yard, concrete extraction from the floor or relocating sewer lines, storm shelters above ground can be installed with proper anchoring. They are safe, strong, and reliable against severe storms and several other hazards.


It’s not just people owning property who need security during disasters, but renters too. An above ground storm shelter is easily movable to different locations if required. Such shelters are indeed an investment, and with below ground storm shelters, once spent, the homeowner won’t be able to utilize such safe rooms if they are looking to relocate.

On the other hand, storm shelters above ground can be relocated easily, ensuring that both the homeowner’s family and investment are safe and secure for the future.


Hope this post gives a clear idea about the advantages of choosing storm shelters above ground as any homeowner’s security from disastrous storms. After all, it’s a matter of family security; therefore, one should always research storm shelters from every angle.

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