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9 Must-Have Items for Designing the Perfect Baby Nursery

When you are expecting a baby, you should start getting your home ready. The first thing you have to focus on is your kid’s bedroom design. Do not worry if you do not have interior designing skills. This could be a fun and exciting experience. You just have to plan and prepare everything properly. Depending on your preferences, you can give the nursery any design and look. However, there are a few essential things that you cannot compromise. If you are not aware of the essential items required for designing the perfect children’s bedroom design, mentioned below are a few:

01 of 05 Start with buying a good quality crib

The first thing that you need in your children’s bedroom design is a crib. It is very important that you choose the crib carefully to ensure that it is comfortable for your baby. Invest in a good-quality crib that will easily last a few years without getting damaged. If you buy a cheap quality crib and it gets damaged very soon, it will not be worth the investment. Also, poor-quality cribs can compromise safety. Moreover, you can find many multifunctional cribs in the market. They can be transformed into a toddler’s bed or even a full-sized bed. Since a good-quality crib will last quite a few years, you can use it again if you have another baby. Hence, it will come in handy if you’re planning to have more children. Besides the quality, you must pay attention to the look of the crib. Make sure that the colour of the crib complements the colours used in the nursery.

02 of 05 Always choose comfortable bedding

Besides the crib, you must pay attention to the bedding to ensure the comfort of the baby. Start with looking for a comfortable mattress for the crib. Make sure that mattress fits in the crib properly. Once you are through with the mattress, you should invest in a few sheets for the crib. Make sure to choose at least 5 to 6 sheets because you have to send them to the laundry frequently. Since the skin of a baby is much softer than an adult’s skin, the fabric should be soft, breathable, and smooth. Experts suggest opting for 100% cotton for a baby’s highly sensitive skin. Once you have taken care of comfort, you must switch your attention to aesthetic appeal. Pay attention to the colours of the sheets you choose. Make sure that complement the theme of your nursery. Get a crib skirt if you want the space to appear more traditional and warm. Bright and colourful sheets featuring popular cartoon characters are best suited for modern children’s bedroom designs.

03 of 05 Do not forget to install a changing table

During the early days, you have to very frequently change diapers. Although it may appear easy, it can get very difficult to do it when you are holding a baby in your hand. To perform the task conveniently, it is always recommended to install a changing table in your kid’s bedroom design. It will allow you to change diapers in a more organised manner. Changing tables come with storage space that allows you to store all the essential items like diapers, powder, tissues, etc. As a result, you do not have to look for things when changing the diaper of your baby. There are different types of changing tables available in the market. The size of the nursery is one of the biggest aspects that determine the size of the table. If the nursery is very small, choose a wall-mounted changing table so that more floor space is available for the smooth flow of traffic.

04 of 05 Make sure sufficient storage space is available

Even if your newborn baby is tiny, he or she will certainly require a lot of things. This includes everything like clothes, toys, diapers, etc. It is important that all these items are stored properly in your kid’s bedroom. If you leave them out in clear sight, the nursery will appear very cluttered. This is why sufficient storage space should be created in the nursery. There are various smart ways you can come up with to create additional storage in the nursery. To begin with, you can choose a changing table with plenty of storage as mentioned before.

05 of 05 Make a small bookcase

Although many people skip it, you should consider installing a bookcase in your kid’s bedroom. This will help you to build an early reading habit in your kid. Make sure it is built close to the crib so that you can easily reach the bookcase while sitting next to the crib. It will make reading bedtime stories easier. Also, you can use the space for keeping other important things at times like water bottles, ointments, tissues, etc. When designing the bookcase, make sure it has no sharp edges.

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