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Benefits Of Sleeping On Waterbeds

As the name says, waterbeds are mattresses or beds that are filled with water. Two types of waterbeds are available, softside waterbeds and hard side waterbeds. Soft side waterbeds are more like foam mattresses or innerspring mattresses and are the perfect choice for those looking for a good night’s sleep along with other therapeutic benefits.

Functioning of waterbed mattresses

Modern waterbed mattresses are made from soft polyvinyl chloride or similar material. The mattresses are made of an interlinked mixture of air and water chambers. One needs to heat the waterbed mattresses via electric waterbed heaters and also control the temperature as per personal preferences.

A good night’s sleep

A waterbed enables one to regulate the temperature of the bed via a thermostat. Moreover, the pressure of the water can be adjusted as well. This aids in having control over the softness and hardness of the waterbed. Thus, a relaxing surface is assured with peaceful, and restful sleep. Such mattresses can be helpful for people suffering from sleeping disorders quickly.

Even support to the entire body

People often complain about pressure points on the hips, shoulders, knees, and back while sleeping on conventional mattresses. Thanks to softside waterbeds that can take the shape of the body, absorbing the weight. The mattress aids in retaining the spine in the natural position while sleeping, thereby improving blood circulation. The even support distribution on the body prevents discomfort and pain in the neck, lower back, and joints.

The therapeutic and soothing impact

One of the highlighting aspects of waterbed mattresses is that it helps regulate the optimal body temperature. Furthermore, one can also experience the soothing effect on sore body muscles, offering relaxation, and also relieving tension. Thanks to the therapeutic impact of the waterbed mattresses, people using the mattresses claim to get relief from back pain, arthritis, and other problems related to joints, and bones.

Relief from bedsores

The weight-distributing and pressure-minimizing properties of the mattress make it ideal for bed-ridden patients. Patients in a state of paralysis, coma, and other serious conditions have to stay lying on the bed for hours in the same position. This gives rise to bedsores, which can become severely infected. Softside waterbeds are the perfect option to get relief from bedsores.

Relief from allergy

Waterbeds have become a widespread product among individuals with allergy issues. Individuals suffering from asthma, hay fever, eczema, and other allergies can benefit from using waterbed mattresses. Dust particles, bacteria, mites, etc., can trigger asthma, and other allergies. Thanks to waterbed mattresses for their vinyl waterbed surfaces where dust and mites cannot penetrate. Furthermore, it is also easy to dust from the mattress surfaces.

Minimal bed movement

Baffles are used in the waterbed mattresses so that the maximum body support can be imparted with minimal bed motion. The baffled layout of the mattress prevents the motion transfer, thereby the movement of one individual doesn’t impact another person’s sleep. If one has the budget, he/she can also opt for customized baffled mattresses so that there are separate halves of the bed.

Beneficial for pregnant ladies

Waterbeds are known to induce therapeutic and soothing effects by reducing anxiety and stress. A stress-free head helps in comfortable sleep as well. Thus, a pregnant lady can benefit a lot from using waterbed mattresses. Moreover, waterbeds are also known to have clean, hypoallergic, and hygienic surfaces to sleep on, especially for ladies who are expecting.

Easy to clean and maintain

Because the mattress is designed with a surface that is resistant to a lot of components, cleaning is easy and simple. One needs to just wipe the mattress surface with an antiseptic solution dipped cloth. Thanks to the vinyl surface for eliminating dust, mites, molds, bacteria, mildew, and other particles completely.

Good for newborns

Clinically, it has been proved that waterbed mattresses are beneficial for newborns, especially premature babies. The mattress helps eliminate pressure points on the soft bones and circulatory system of the babies. Henceforth, they grow faster. One can order crib-sized waterbeds, which are also known to reduce the events of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) among kids.


Softside waterbeds have numerous health benefits, the reason for which it is widely used in hospitals and medical facilities across the world. Pregnant ladies and premature babies can genuinely benefit from the mattress.

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