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How Hiring a House Cleaning Service Can Actually Save You Money


Cleaning chores are a big part of your life, and you spend several hours on it every weekend and every day. Instead, it’s just easy and convenient to search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire house cleaning services for your home. However, most of you may be concerned about how it may affect your bank account. Unlike popular belief, hiring a house cleaning service can actually save you money. Let’s check out how:

The Details

  1. Actual cost of hiring a house cleaning service – People hesitate to hire a house cleaning service due to fear of the cost. Cleaning services vary depending on various factors and you need to know what it’s going to cost you. For instance, depending on the economy of a region, cleaning prices vary from one neighborhood to another. Moreover, the size of your home and how you want it to be cleaned also affect the cost in a major way.

A good cleaning company will always offer you a free estimate and inspection of your home. Otherwise, some organizations estimate that the cost of hiring a house cleaning service can vary between $100 to $200 depending on the size of your home and where you live. For weekly cleaning, people often find that their cleaning cost ranges between $120 to $150. Now that you know the cost of hiring cleaning services, let’s check out how it saves you money.

  1. It saves you the cost of your time and missed opportunities – Cleaning services make a huge difference in your life by the sheer amount of time they save you. All that time saved on cleaning chores saves you money as well. Time is money, and your’s is very important.

Let’s assume that you earn an average of around $40 per hour. Let’s also assume that you take just around 5 hours over the weekend to do as good a cleaning job as a professional cleaning service. That would cost you around $200 in your own time to clean your home. Instead, it’s better to allow professionals to do the job at around $150. You save five valuable hours that could be spent earning more money and also save around $50.

Even if you earn around $30, you break even if the weekly cleaning charges amount to $150. The extra hours saved, and the money saved every weekend can add to your household budget or can be used in some other meaningful way.

  1. You save on cleaning products and supplies – When you clean your home on your own, you invest in a lot of tools, appliances, and supplies. You know they cost a pretty penny and when the numbers add up, they don’t look good on your budget.

It’s estimated that an average family of four spends around $50 every month on cleaning products. That’s $600 spent every year on cleaning products. If you have hardwood floors or special materials that require certain specific cleaning products, you can add $10 for that product every month or $120 each year. That amounts to around $720 on cleaning products each year.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a cleaning company is that you save money on cleaning products. Cleaning companies have several customers and can afford to buy in bulk to leverage economies of scale. That’s why they get their cleaning supplies for cheap and can pass you the benefits. You only need to keep a few supplies at home for minor spot cleaning and laundry. I won’t even cost you more than $100 every year.

Apart from cleaning supplies, you also save money on cleaning tools and appliances. There’s no need for a large and powerful vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaners, large steamers, or other such investment heavy appliances. They also cost a lot to maintain and quite a lot to repair. Even if you’re an expert DIYer, you are left stranded for days when you have to replace damaged components on those appliances. That’s more wasted time and money down the drain.

Cleaning services usually have better and more reliable cleaning gear, tools, and appliances and that’s included in the cost of service. You don’t need to occupy precious space in your home with appliances. You can use it for something else and save money that would have been spent on buying, maintaining, and repairing them.

  1. Saves you money spent on damage – While people hesitate from hiring a reliable house cleaning service, they are quick to hire an independent cleaner. While that seems like a good decision, it can cost you in a big way. While independent cleaners and private maids have a lower service cost, they are often uninsured.

If they break something while cleaning or accidentally injure someone while performing their duties, they don’t have insurance to cover the cost of damage. It goes out of your pocket. A broken 60-inch TV may not cost much, but medical bills can cost you thousands of dollars in co-pay even with your medical insurance. If the person you hire doesn’t have proper documentation and is medically uninsured, you’re liable for compensating them.

Hiring a reputed and insured house cleaning service is always the better choice since the insurance company covers the cost of damages. Such companies also have workers’ compensation if something goes wrong. So, you don’t need to worry about it. If someone from your home or from the workers is hurt inside your property, there is a plan of action and a reliable source of funds to take care of the issue. That’s why it’s always best to hire a reliable house cleaning service for long-term savings.


Now that you know how hiring a house cleaning service can save you a lot of money and benefit you in several ways, it’s time to throw away your cleaning tools back in the closet and let the professionals take over. To hire a reliable cleaning company, you can search for “home cleaning services near me” on the internet.

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