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Facts You Didn’t Know About Flat Roofs

In this article, we are going to look at some interesting facts that you would be surprised to know about flat roofs! This will help you discuss accurately with your flat roofing contractors.

Flat Roofs aren’t always completely flat!

When we talk about flat roofs, it’s important to note that they’re not completely level; they have a slope to assist water drain. If properly engineered, the roof will be slightly slanted. Water pooling is an issue with any roofing system, and adding a small pitch to assist reduce the issue is an important part of a flat roof’s water drainage system.

Roof Gardens Work Best on Flat Roofs

The use of space is managed by the user’s imagination, and lush gardens that are an oasis in an urban environment are only the beginning. The garden concept is to green any house by providing a lush, fertile place for growing flowers or vegetables that promote a healthy lifestyle for people.


Roofs With Flat Surfaces Are Cool Roofs

A flat roof is certainly fashionable, but it also serves a practical purpose in preventing climate change. A UV reflecting coating on a flat roof helps to keep the temperature of the roof down. For a building owner, this implies that during periods of extreme heat, the air conditioning system will operate less frequently.

Professionals are required to install flat roofs

When looking for a roofing contractor to install a flat roofing system, avoid making this common mistake. When building a flat roof, be important to thoroughly inspect the contractor you hire to ensure his level of expertise. A roofing contractor may claim to have the competence and skill set necessary to build a flat roof, but they do not, which might lead to issues later.

Roofs that are flat are more energy efficient

To minimise usage, energy costs are skyrocketing, thus we’re all looking for methods to save money on energy. Because flat roofing systems are reflective in nature, UV rays are reflected back from the roof structure, keeping the building beneath the roof cooler to live in or utilise for commercial reasons. Another advantage of a flat roof is that insulation may be installed to assist prevent heat loss in the winter and keep cool air in during the summer. Insulation is a minor investment that will pay off for years to come, lowering bottom-line costs in the process.

Thus, these are some of the facts that can compel you to install flat roofs immediately!

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